One of the people interviewed for these articles, who has chosen to remain anonymous, talks about his former success in Barcelona and complains about the current state of affairs with the Argentinian mass migration to that city: “Now, when your partner hears you say something unique, born of your innate sensitivity, your intellectual effort; something original and spontaneous, they retort with irritation”: You Argentines are always saying what we want to hearlarge_foto-articol-15812“. “And that is not true. For crying out loud”, says the interviewee with a certain degree of exasperation. “We are not all like that. I am me”!

The anonymous interviewee claims to have studied the human soul since the age of thirteen, and to have read and suffered for love in order to try to understand the intricate myriads of being. The interviewee claims to have spent decades categorizing empirically the many types of personalities on the face of Earth and that is precisely what made this magician of love so special. It was definitely not “all Argentinians”. The rest are pirated copies; merely fake gold. However, it seems that the interviewee’s partner said, only a few days before this conversation took place, that there was this Argentine bartender trying to impress a girl who had also been heard saying exactly the same speech, using the word “empiric categorization”, with the same accent, same tone and same expression.

Apparently it was true. Pirated copies of Argentinians had learned to use keywords and make certain facial expressions, which had only been known to the original Argentinians. These days, you cannot walk down the street in Barcelona without hearing some pretentious Argentinian accent trying to sound like a philosopher, evoking bohemian tango lyrics. “They are a plague.” complain some. Every two blocks or so, one is bound to cross paths with half a dozen of false Argentines.