One of the Argentinian people who were interviewed says that, when he was a newcomer in Spain, he felt alone, in need of company, so he decided to befriend the natives and acted naturally when he met friendly Spaniards, greeting them with a kiss on the cheek. If he liked them a lot, the next day he would already 1404935031016_wps_1_argentina_fans_show_theirbe stopping by their places, early in the evening, without previous warning. Once inside, he would get into their kitchens and make them pancakes. During conversations, he would tell them about really intimate dreams, issues and fantasies etc. Naturally, later, when saying goodbye he would hug and kiss them, making Spaniards really uncomfortable. Perhaps, later on at night, he would phone them and have them listen to an entire album through the phone, or tell them about psychological traumas from childhood.

Because of all that, says the interviewee, “during my first year in Spain, I received twelve restraining court orders and four punches in the eye (in the same eye)”. In time, he feels like he discovered that there are no true male friends in Spain. Or at least not on the same terms he expected. It took him some time to realize it. After that, he only shakes hands with Spaniards now, asks permission to use people’s bathroom and never tries to allow small talks to get into deep conversations, when being alone with another man.

In Spain, Argentinians say they observe men going out in big groups and, at first glance, it may seem like they are true friends, however, if you observe closely, you will realize that something is wrong. They all clap, laugh and get drunk together; pure testosterone. But they do not speak to each other alone. None of these men knows about each other’s souls or deepest concerns. They have not seen each other crying and they have never hugged and kissed.