Ricardo Darin has featured in two Oscar winning Argentinian films so far, and his popularity grows every day. Right now, there is a co-production between Argentina and Spain being screened all over the world, namely “Truman”. A film about two friends (and one dog) that have been apart for some years and they reunite because one of them has been diagnosed with a terminal disease and is about to die. For many years, Ricardo Darin composed diffeimg_2395-1024x682rent characters that have penetrated deep into the culture of Spain and everyone seems to love him there.

In Son of the Bride (2001), the main character (Ricardo Darin) is a cheeky dreamer whose mother suffers from Alzheimer’s and his father wants to marry her even if she is completely delusional. He suffers a heart attack and reunites with a childhood friend, who helps him rebuild his past, and helps him look to his present in a different light. Darin’s characters always have one or two particular lines that border between existentialism and fun. The problem now is that Argentinian newcomers in Spain think that if they act in the same way, everyone will love them too. Merely a bunch of copycats, and cheap replicas.

Some people in Spain think that many of the Argentines that came to Spain following the 2001 crisis, especially those from Buenos Aires, are equipped with a weapon that could be described as innate seduction, but they ignore this fact. Once in Spain, even those who had never been successful in romance, realize that people in Spain started finding themselves attractive and began to discover that they could be very good lovers, or could do well in the advertising business. Life began to smile at them. The problem came when the rumor started spreading in Argentina. In Spain, even Argentinian losers could be successful.